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We work in tax law since 2000, giving legal support in different matters such as TVA, profit tax, resident income tax, social security contributions, local taxes and fees.
Taxation is one of our main concerns because in any legal advice we provide to our clients, we think that the fiscal impact cannot be ignored by a diligent company.
We provide legal support to taxpayers in the stage of fiscal control, prior administrative procedure and tax disputes, if required.
Also, our services include legal support for carrying out the procedure for rescheduling the payment of tax receivables. As our clients believe, this is a simple and effective way to ensure that their business keep running after a fiscal control .
There are huge amount of tax litigations in front of the Romanian Courts which our team manages, regarding to the contestation of fiscal inspection reports prepared by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration or by the local authorities.

We are working with Mrs. Gheorghiu Attorney’s Office since 2010. Since then she is supporting us on legal all issues, most of them related to taxes, HR, central administration relationship. To our organization’s satisfaction and Mrs. Gheorghiu’s pride, we never lost a case. We appreciate the most the dedication showed, their sense of equilibrium when advising us, and their practical sense of finding the best technical solution within the deadlines.


My name is Bors Ioan Eugen, an engineer and historian by profession, currently running a construction company specialized in consolidation and restoration of historical monuments. Starting with June 2016 I have had the misfortune to be controlled by fiscal authorities for six months, I was charged a huge amount of money and given only 2 weeks to pay. During the control, many of my fundamental rights were violated and the worst part was that I haven’t had the chance to defend myself in front of the Romanian Courts to prove my innocence.

Then I had the chance to discover a human being, in the true sense of the word, in Mrs. Gabriela Gheorghiu. In solidarity with my case, she started a real war with this corrupt system and she helped me save my company, my job and the future of my family. I went through an insolvency procedure, then a reorganization procedure and now I wait for the Court’s solution to get out of insolvency.

They say that God works miracles through people. In my case, the person that God put in my way was Mrs. Gheorghiu. It is difficult for me to find the thanking words that she truly deserves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, distinguished lady!

Ioan Eugen Bors


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