Public Procurement Litigations

Our large experience in this field is based on a numerous appeals that we have filed on behalf of many private companies regarding to public procurement proceedings, especially in terms o awarding works contracts.
In the same time, we support our clients while they are executing the contracts in order to optimize their work and to obtain the best results.
We also provide legal assistance and representation in legal proceedings to resolve any disputes arising from the execution of public procurement contracts. For example we assist our clients on disputes concerning documents establishing the findings of their work, disputes over the charging of penalties by the contracting authority, disputes concerning the acceptance of public works, debt recovery resulting from the public procurement agreemets etc.

7 years of good collaboration defined by successfully solving all legal issues. And the success can be put into a few words: professionalism and strong knowledge in corporate, taxes and administrative laws.

A good lawyer, keeping us up with all the legislative changes that may affect our company, always providing best info.

I highly recommend her as a guarantee of success.

Dragos Georgescu


15 years ago I decided to sign a legal counseling agreement not with famous and expensive names of Iasi Bar, but with a young lawyer, with little experience at that time, with a youthful air, slightly frail but with thorough professional knowledge, honest, cerebral, confident and clear in expression and argument.

In all this years of hard work and dedication, the young lawyer Gabriela Gheorghiu managed to grow her portofolio, to run her own law firm and to offer in turn opportunities and opportunities to young lawyers who choose to practice in Romania. ..

Without being afraid of big words when it comes to Gabriela, I think that her remarkable performance and growth is due to her remarkable professional capacity, tenacity, perseverance, sincerity and, why not, the passion and professional enthusiasm of – still – the young lawyer Gabriela Gheorghiu. 

I am very happy with her personal and professional achievements, I am glad that her skills allowed her to win in Court through intelligent, inventive and unique solutions, all of this being achieved while in Romania are nearly 10.000 different laws!

I am convinced that in the light of all her skills and achievements, the ascending evolution of the lawyer Gabriela Gheorghiu will continue in the next decades


Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Iasi

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