Our portofolio includes almost 150 of insolvency cases that we run in front of Iasi Court and different Romanian Courts.
We have extensive experience regarding to insolvency cases, both on Law 85/2006 and Law 85/2014. We work from the beginning of the proceeding, observation period, preliminary and definitive table appeals, appeals against the measures of the judicial administrator, appeals against the founds distribution reports, filing cases in attracting liability for the insolvency , requests to bankruptcy proceedings etc.
We also provide legal support on elaborating restructuring plans because this procedure is extremely important for companies that are willing to comeback in the economy after closing the insolvency proceedings. This field is one of the most important in our office since 2012.
Our experience is based numerous cases won against ANAF where we aimed for a correct application of both tax legislation and insolvency laws. For example our portofolio includes a variety of cases we won such as tax enforcement appeals, tax litigation for insolvent companies, collection of tax seizures, rectification of tax records.

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