Enforcement Proceedings

Being the last step in debt recovery proceedings, this is a familiar field of our activity.
We constantly provide legal representation for creditors in enforcement proceedings, in order to defend their interests and ensure a fast recovery of their money with the highest percentage of their claims.
At this time we have over 100 enforcement proceedings files on going.

We have been collaborating with Mrs. Gheorghiu for more than 10 years on various cases regarding to Corporate Law, Tax Law and representation in court.

We discovered a professional who is always willing to listen and understand our point of view, providing the best legal advice and complete solution in order to solve all the legal problems that we have. Her spirit of justice, balanced, multi – perspective approach, as well as her analytical capacity have always led to creative and relevant solutions for the cases that she solved for us.

Her discretion as well as her working principles are additional reasons why we consider this collaboration to be a successful one. The experiences we have had together have always been positive and we strongly believe that she will always be committed and professional.

Iulia Gavriluta


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