As our clients are mainly private companies, we support them in employment matters because we realize that human element is decisive for the growth and stability of any company.

The legal assistance that we offer involves the conclusion of individual or collective employment contracts and their atypical terms like confidentiality clauses, fidelity clauses, non-compete clause or intellectual property rights.

We are frequently involved in dealing with disciplinary procedures and disciplinary liability, as there can be no corporate stability without employment respect and discipline.

Also, we work on labor disputes and start by advising the parties towards a mutual termination of the labor contract, with minimization of the risk of judicial labor disputes, especially when it comes about difficult employees . Yet, if litigation is needed in the end, our team of lawyers has extensive experience in court.

As for the financial issues, we support our clients in finding optimal tax solutions for their employees, including when it comes about transnational workers.
Working time and rest time comes to our attention whenever it is about mixing legal rules with practical employment needs.

We are working with Mrs. Gheorghiu Attorney’s Office since 2010. Since then she is supporting us on legal all issues, most of them related to taxes, HR, central administration relationship. To our organization’s satisfaction and Mrs. Gheorghiu’s pride, we never lost a case. We appreciate the most the dedication showed, their sense of equilibrium when advising us, and their practical sense of finding the best technical solution within the deadlines.


Ms. Gabriela and her staff are our partners since 2014 and are very helpful and responsive to all our questions and concerns. She made herself accessible whenever we needed her and provided excellent service being very polite and very professional. Thank you once again on doing a great job and I would highly recommend her services

Diana Dumitriu

CEO GoDaddy Services Romania

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