Marius Chiriac

Litigation lawyer, with a good comprehension of procedural, tax and corporate law

Graduate of the Law School of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Univerity in Iași in 2003, the 1999-2003 promotion, continued his studies in the same University, leading to a Master’s degree in European Studies.

Marius worked for 3 years (2005 – 2008) as a legal adviser with Professional Association of Legal Advisers Carmen Luncaşu SRL Iaşi where he had the opportunity to work with multinational companies such as Ness Romania.

Marius became a member of the Iași Bar in 2008 and joined our Law Firm in September 2011. Since then, he is dedicated to all our practice area including the niches of insolvency and taxation.

With 20 years of practical experience, his practice area includes employment, insolvency, debt-claims, tax law, public procurement, administrative litigation and corporate law.