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We believe it's the result of a hard working team, dedication, strong values and the tenacity to pursuit the victory for each of our clients.

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We are working with Mrs. Gheorghiu Attorney’s Office since 2010. Since then she is supporting us on legal all issues, most of them related to taxes, HR, central administration relationship. To our organization’s satisfaction and Mrs. Gheorghiu’s pride, we never lost a case. We appreciate the most the dedication showed, their sense of equilibrium when advising us, and their practical sense of finding the best technical solution within the deadlines.


Ms. Gabriela and her staff are our partners since 2014 and are very helpful and responsive to all our questions and concerns. She made herself accessible whenever we needed her and provided excellent service being very polite and very professional. Thank you once again on doing a great job and I would highly recommend her services

Diana Dumitriu

CEO GoDaddy Services Romania

15 years ago I decided to sign a legal counseling agreement not with famous and expensive names of Iasi Bar, but with a young lawyer, with little experience at that time, with a youthful air, slightly frail but with thorough professional knowledge, honest, cerebral, confident and clear in expression and argument.

In all this years of hard work and dedication, the young lawyer Gabriela Gheorghiu managed to grow her portofolio, to run her own law firm and to offer in turn opportunities and opportunities to young lawyers who choose to practice in Romania. ..

Without being afraid of big words when it comes to Gabriela, I think that her remarkable performance and growth is due to her remarkable professional capacity, tenacity, perseverance, sincerity and, why not, the passion and professional enthusiasm of – still – the young lawyer Gabriela Gheorghiu. 

I am very happy with her personal and professional achievements, I am glad that her skills allowed her to win in Court through intelligent, inventive and unique solutions, all of this being achieved while in Romania are nearly 10.000 different laws!

I am convinced that in the light of all her skills and achievements, the ascending evolution of the lawyer Gabriela Gheorghiu will continue in the next decades


Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Iasi

After 4 years of collaboration with Mrs. Lawyer Gabriela Gheorghiu, I can say that shehas a good professional training in both the legal and economics field, which, in my opinion, is a key aspect for any lawyers specialized in corporate and administrative law.
In all these years, Mrs. Gheorghiu has successfully solved cases of high complexity, some of them with important Romanian institutions, cases for which, to be honest, I did not have high hopes initially 🙂.

What I appreciate is her professionalism, her hard working ability and her popularity. Apart from her professional qualities, I also like her good sense of humor.

At the same time, I noticed that she chose a young team to work with, a team of hard working lawyers, willing to grow in their practice area.

I strongly believe that Mrs. Gheorghiu and her young team is one of the best Law firm in Iasi and , why not, in Romania in corporate and administrative law.



I found in Ms. Gheorghiu exactly what I needed for a good start-up corresponding to a healty and profitable business. When I say this, I mean promptness, professionalism, safety and last but not least transparency and fairness.

I always turn to the Gheorghiu Law Firm for any problem and the solution was always on time. I would like to thank Gabriela Gheorghiu for all her support

Marius Bondar

ESB Investment

We have been collaborating with Mrs. Gheorghiu for more than 10 years on various cases regarding to Corporate Law, Tax Law and representation in court.

We discovered a professional who is always willing to listen and understand our point of view, providing the best legal advice and complete solution in order to solve all the legal problems that we have. Her spirit of justice, balanced, multi – perspective approach, as well as her analytical capacity have always led to creative and relevant solutions for the cases that she solved for us.

Her discretion as well as her working principles are additional reasons why we consider this collaboration to be a successful one. The experiences we have had together have always been positive and we strongly believe that she will always be committed and professional.

Iulia Gavriluta


7 years of good collaboration defined by successfully solving all legal issues. And the success can be put into a few words: professionalism and strong knowledge in corporate, taxes and administrative laws.

A good lawyer, keeping us up with all the legislative changes that may affect our company, always providing best info.

I highly recommend her as a guarantee of success.

Dragos Georgescu


As a journalist, I heard many influential people praising Gabriela Gheorghiu. So when I needed a good lawyer, I turned to Gabriela. And from the first meeting she confirmed my conviction that he is indeed the best possible ally in court.

Aurel Dobasu


My name is Bors Ioan Eugen, an engineer and historian by profession, currently running a construction company specialized in consolidation and restoration of historical monuments. Starting with June 2016 I have had the misfortune to be controlled by fiscal authorities for six months, I was charged a huge amount of money and given only 2 weeks to pay. During the control, many of my fundamental rights were violated and the worst part was that I haven’t had the chance to defend myself in front of the Romanian Courts to prove my innocence.

Then I had the chance to discover a human being, in the true sense of the word, in Mrs. Gabriela Gheorghiu. In solidarity with my case, she started a real war with this corrupt system and she helped me save my company, my job and the future of my family. I went through an insolvency procedure, then a reorganization procedure and now I wait for the Court’s solution to get out of insolvency.

They say that God works miracles through people. In my case, the person that God put in my way was Mrs. Gheorghiu. It is difficult for me to find the thanking words that she truly deserves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, distinguished lady!

Ioan Eugen Bors